About Us

About Core12

Core12 is an Atlanta-based IT services provider dedicated to helping small businesses improve the way they work. As a specialized IT Support firm, we provide our clients with the personal, detail-oriented service that they deserve but seldom receive. We dig deeper and work harder to learn about your operations, identify your challenges, solve your problems, and help tidy things up.

Core Principles

The principles that guide us are Always Client First, Find The Solution, and Do The Right Thing.
We’re on a mission to help determined business owners build more profitable companies. We do this by serving as trusted advisors who deliver strategy, execution, and platforms that work. We look at your business challenges through an owner’s lens and recommend and implement IT solutions to make your business better and stronger. It’s a subtle difference but having an ownership mindset makes all the difference.
People First
We recognize who we serve and why we exist, we value the growth, happiness and needs of our employees and customers.
Find The Solution
We believe that there is always a workable solution to every business challenge, and we don’t shy away from the hard work that it takes to get there.
Do The Right Thing
We believe you should love your neighbor as you love yourself. When faced with a tough decision, we’ll take the loss before our clients do.

Meet Our Team

Our leadership team is comprised of technology experts with decades of consulting experience among them. And we think they’re kind of fun to work with, too.
Robert T. Burke
Founder & CEO of Core12
Expertise includes technology advisory, software and application development, solutions architecture, and systems implementation and integration. Once wrestled a water moccasin.
Gene Dunn
Chief Operations Officer
Experienced IT professional with expertise in IT infrastructure, data center, cloud, and IT life cycle management. Technology untangler. Papercut survivor.
Jeffrey Harvey
Client Technology Manager
IT professional with expertise in building and maintaining complex networks, configuring firewalls, switches, and cloud infrastructure. Proud dad of red headed twins and perpetuator of the dad jokes.