Techno-Babble Explained

IT folks are notorious for hiding behind technical jargon. We believe in transparency and doing the right thing, so here’s our full catalog of technical terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most reputable MSPs charge by the user, so you may spend $150 to $300 per month, per employee, for an all-inclusive / AYCE plan depending on the services your MSP provides.

On the other hand, some less reputable firms charge by the device or a combination of device & employee, and your bill can get out of hand pretty quickly. If that’s not enough to concern you, many IT firms start off with low-cost, no-frills plans and lock you into an agreement that covers little and results in tons of monthly overages.

We believe in transparent pricing that covers as much as possible and limits any overages to major changes and IT projects. Our easy to read agreements clearly spell out what is and isn’t covered. After all, who likes being nickeled and dimed?

IT services can be divided into two main buckets:

  • Managed Services, which are largely automated services that use software bots and scripted actions to provision and manage services. These include desktop and email security, system backups, patches, and updates.
  • IT Support, which is a series of steps taken to resolve tech-related issues. IT Support is more people driven, whether you have a full-time IT person on-site or you call into a help desk to solve a problem you may be having.
MSPs, or managed service providers, help small and mid-sized companies manage their computer networks and keep everything running smoothly. Managed service providers (MSP) remotely manage a client’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, typically on a subscription model. MSPs set up and manage new desktops and laptops; they proactively look for IT issues and fix them before they become a problem; they prevent security issues and provide backup and disaster recovery services; they keep track of software licenses and hardware that’s getting too old.
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