How AI Will Impact The Way You Work

By: core12 August 12, 2023 10:49 am

How AI Will Impact The Way You Work

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic since OpenAI released its self-learning chatbot, ChatGPT, at the end of 2022. Since then, it has reportedly passed the bar exam and the MCAT. Although some teachers attest that they can recognize AI-written papers, many in education have sounded the alarm that AI will revolutionize the way they test and teach.

However, academia is not the only field that AI will impact. According to AI expert, Richard DeVere, ChatGPT could replace one-fifth of the workforce. This prediction does not take into account additional AI platforms, such as Dall-E and others.

Should employees be concerned that machines will take over their jobs? In light of these recent developments, there is certainly cause for adjustments in responsibilities and roles. However, there are many positive benefits to how AI will impact the way we work.

Increased Productivity & Efficiency:

Without a doubt, AI tools such as ChatGPT will improve our productivity. For example, ChatGPT can write briefs, develop topic ideas, and create spreadsheets—among other tasks. Not only does this cut down on hours of work, it also allows people to focus on higher-value tasks which can result in more revenue and a greater impact on the business.

Your team is likely already using AI tools such as Grammarly, Zenefits, or Crowdstrike to increase their efficiency. Therefore, these new AI platforms will multiply what they are already doing.

Implementation of More Research & Data

Many AI platforms, like ChatGPT, are self-learning, which means that they become “smarter” the more that people use them. However, if faulty data or biased opinions are inputted into these algorithms, the AI platforms respond with incorrect answers. The platforms are not able to fact-check their own responses—at least not yet—which means that the responsibility of fact-checking and additional research falls to the user.

Nevertheless, because the “heavy lifting” of production can be done by AI, your team can focus on fact-checking, incorporating data and statistics, and shaping what the AI produces. This results in more robust projects and more credible content.

Increase the Value of Emotional Intelligence

It’s widely understood that emotional intelligence is key to success. Those who have high emotional intelligence add extreme value to an organization. With the rise of AI, this is glaringly evident.

While AI can do many things and be of great benefit to businesses, it does not have intrinsic EQ. It cannot read others’ emotions and navigate relational dynamics. It may be able to “learn” to interact with others and build a “relationship” on a knowledge-based level, but it cannot understand the hearts of your team or of those you serve. Now more than ever, your team’s effectiveness will be directly related to their emotional intelligence.

Becoming Better with AI

As AI platforms expand, they will continue to impact the way people work. While AI may replace some jobs, it cannot ultimately replace human connection or creativity. This means that people may need to upskill or adjust their roles as responsibilities are shifted with the use of AI. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. AI can allow our work to be more productive, effective, and impactful.

As business leaders, we can guide our teams to utilize AI so they can focus on higher-level tasks, elevate their work, and increase their EQ. Instead of worrying that AI will replace jobs, we should discover ways to use it to become better leaders, employees, and people.

At the end of the day, that’s what tools are meant for.